Public Trustee takes leaf out of Queensland

Last year, the Queensland Public Trustee prepared 28,272 wills for Queenslanders in Australia. They are also the largest will-makers in the Southern Hemisphere and the biggest Public Trustee in Australia, which has eight Public Trustees – one for each of their state and territories. Read more


Though little known, the office of the Public Trustee, is one of the oldest and richest government departments in the country. Things over the years however, have not gone too well for a department which is supposed to win the ‘Trust’ of the public. According to its 2016 Performance Report to Parliament, it had 1,067 active trusts, 140 active estates and contributed a little over Rs 14 million to the Treasury. From 2012-2014 however, it was contributing an average number of Rs 6 million to the Treasury, even though 35 active trusts and eight active estates were added to its portfolio during the same period. Read more