The Public Trustee which comes under the ministry of Buddhasashana, religious and cultural affairs is incorporated under the Public Trustee Ordinance Section 5.

We are compelled to serve the public under the following key roles:

  • The Official collector of Estates under an order to collect
  • As a Custodian Trustee
  • As a Curator of the State of a Minor
  • Guardian of Minors – when entrusted by the District Court
  • As the Manager of Estate of a person with an unsound mind (when entrusted by the District Court).
  • To act as an Attorney for citizens currently not living in Sri Lanka and take responsibility for all their states and properties.
  • The Manager of immovable property upon a contract on terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon. (Whereas the Public Trustee appointed as a custodian trustee, he is obligated to exercise of the powers of management or any other power of discretion vested in such board of Managing Trustee)
  • Under the Civil Procedure Code, the Public Trustee shall deem to be a suitable person as a Manager of an Estate
  • As an Administrator of an Intestate Estate
  • As a Custodian Trustee of properties of a person who is serving a sentence in prison
  • The Public Trustee may accept the custody for the purpose of safekeeping a Last Will of any person
  • Public Trustee as trustee of the compensation given to the acquisition of Temple Property.