The 13th commemoration of the late philanthropist U.D.B. De Silva was held on 2023.04.01 in order to make the commemoration the Public Trustee Department had organized an alms giving at the department premises for 35 monks accordingly following the terms and conditions of the late U.D.B. De Silva’s Last will .

“I stand for integrity” an awareness programme organized by the CIABOC for the staff of the Public Trustee department was held at SLIDA on 18th October 2023.

In 1988 Mr. D.R. Wickramarathne established this fund. One of the objectives of this trust is to provide packaged food to the Castle Street Hospital for Women. Therefore, the Public Trustee Department authorities distributed packaged food among the patients on 27th November 2023.

The 156th birthday commemoration of Sir D.B. Jayathilaka was held at the Public Trustee Department premises on 13th February 2024. A precious dhamma Sermon was preached by Ven. Borelle Athula thero and a floral tribute to the statue of late Sir D.B.Jayathilaka was held with the participation, of the Public trustee of Sri Lanka Mr Gihan Pilapitiya, the members of the Jayathilaka family and the staff of the Public Trustee Department.