A Message From the Public Trustee!

My name is Sanath Weeratne, The Public Trustee of Sri Lanka. I thank for your time for visiting our website to find out more about the services we offer at The Department of Public Trustee of Sri Lanka.

You can find out detailed information about the services we provide from our website.

The Department of Public Trustee has served the public since 1930.

My objective is to ensure that the Public Trustee Department of Sri Lanka serves the Public with absolute impartiality, integrity, financial transparency and unbiasness while complying with all systems and procedures now implemented to improve its services.

The Public Trustee of Sri Lanka with its staff has served the Public for the last 88 years with the commitment and passion to uphold the benefits of the less privileged sector of our community and most importantly to carry out wishes and the objectives of the ones who are no longer with the living.